What is Technical Analysis?

Introduction to Technical analysis Technical analysis is study of past chart patterns to predict the future prices of the stock. It is statistical and graphical study of stock charts, volumes and trend. Traders use it to predict future direction and trend of a stock , whether buy or sell a stock. Technical analysis is a … Read more

What is Resistance in Share Market?

Support and Resistance are most widely used concepts in stock market. They are very important to study next movement in the market. Lets study some key concepts about them. Introduction to Resistance When the stock price moves up and also pulls back, the point reached before it pulled back is now resistance.¬† It’s where the … Read more

What is Support in Stock Market?

Support and resistance¬† are important levels on chart where the forces of Supply and demand match. these are areas on the chart where stock prices reverses . so we can use this opportunity to buy or sell stock. Support It is a level that absorbs the selling pressure in stock. The support position is a … Read more

What is Fundamental Analysis?

There are two ways to analyze stock for investment and take decisions first is technical analysis and other is fundamental analysis . We have already seen technical analysis ,in this post we are going to talk about fundamental analysis. Introduction To Fundamental Analysis Fundamental analysis is a method of analyzing financial and economic factors of … Read more

What is Paper Trading?

If you are new to the trading , it is very important to understand the market . But in this situation understanding market means loosing your hard earned money . So there is a way by which you can learn trading and take market experience without investing your money , this is called Paper Trading … Read more

What is Volatility in Stock Market?

You have heard people saying , market is volatile now , but what they really mean ? lets take closer look at it and understand volatility. Introduction to Volatility ? The rate at which stock goes up or down is called as volatility. It is the degree at which stock prices moves up or down … Read more

what is Intraday in share market?

Introduction to intraday trading In stock market if you buy and sell share on the same day before market closes is called as intraday trading .Intraday trading is a buying and selling stocks on the same day. The main focus of traders in intraday is to make quick trades, whether it is profit or loss. … Read more

Share Market Timings in India

Share Market timings in India The regular NSE and BSE stock request timings are from 9.15 AM to 3.30 PM. beside this there is a pre-opening session starting from 9.00 AM to 9.15 AM and a post-closing session starting from 3.30 PM up to 4 PM. Pre-Opening Session Stock Market Timings in India Share market … Read more

What is Sensex in stock market ?

There are two major Exchanges in Indian stock market . First is Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and other is National Stock Exchange (NSE) . There are two index index in India Sensex which is standard index of BSE and Nifty which is index of NSE. What is Sensex ? Sensex is standard index of top … Read more