Best Paper Trading Apps In India


If you are new in the Stock market and you want to learn stock trading and options trading without risking your money then best way is to use Paper Trading Apps .  They are free of cost and do not charge any brokerage also you dont need any demat account. I have found 5 best paper trading apps in India also some paper trading apps for options trading . Paper trading of options is much needed thing because in normal trading you have to pay minimum 50Rs brokerage charge for 1 lot . You can save this money by using paper trading apps .



NeoStox is a best paper trading platform for options trading I have ever used . On this platform you can trade stocks , futures and options for free . Neostox is completely free for use also you dont need to see any ads . Once you create account in Neostox  you will get RS 1000000 balance , by using this you can trade . This app provides additional feature such as you can make your strategies such as straddle and strangles , you can download market report ,you can analyse stocks . Neostox is only app in India on which you can paper trade commodities . You can use this platform on windows also .


Pros :

  1. Trading experience in Neostox is very smooth , you willl not realize that you are doing paper trading.
  2. They provide real time charts ,similar as zerodha and upstox.
  3. There are no ads .
  4. User interface is very good.
  5. They also provides stock market learning courses.

Cons :

  1. They are in early stages of development.
  2. Charts are not smooth .

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2.Trading View

Trading view paper trading is the most used paper trading app in the world . They provide best charting experience for free . On this app you can back test your strategies , build strategies , analyze stocks . They provide you initial capital of Rs 100000 for paper trading . It is also the paper trading platform for crypto currencies .


  1. It is Free of cost.
  2. No ads .
  3. No demat account needed.
  4. Best charting experience .
  5. Free charting tools .


  1. Paper trading for options is not available.
  2. Little complex app for beginner .

3.NSE  Virtual Trading APP

It is a good paper trading platform for options trading ,But user experience is a bit laggy . You can trade stocks , futures and options in this app . They provide you Rs 500000 once you logged in .



  1. You can also trade futures and options .
  2. No ads .
  3. No demat account needed .
  4. P&L reports are very good .


  1. App crashes alot.
  2. No charts provided .
  3. User experience is so laggy.

4.Stock Market Simulator Game

It is a real time market based paper trading app. You can trade more than 9000 stocks across NSE , NYSE and NASDAQ. They do not provide paper trading for options in India .  You will get Rs 500000 to trade after you login.




  1. Simple and easy to use .
  2. Good user experience.
  3. No need of demat account.
  4. No ads .


  1. We have to use 3rd party charting apps .
  2. App is slow and laggy.
  3. Paper trading for options are not available.


5.Stock Trainer

It is the best stock market trainer in India . You can analyze the stock market and learn the art of trading . You will get RS 500000 virtual cash to trade . This app contains ads in free version .


  1. No need of demat account .
  2. Easy to use.


  1. Free version contains ads .
  2. No charts provided.
  3. User interface is not good.


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